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Another Frasier spinoff scene! This is the next part of the scene started in Day #19 - Lucky Bear, picking up directly where that one left off.

I've decided that, despite what I established in Day #14 - The Cousins Crane, it would be better if when David comes to Freddy with his problem initially, he simply been suspended from Yale rather than expelled, and hasn't told Niles. That will permit it to be a question of whether or not he's going to go back, and telling Niles can be a hurdle he'll have to take in the course of the episode. When I put a full draft of the pilot together, I'll go back and edit that, but for now I'm just continuing with the scenes making that new assumption.

As a side note, londo has been very helpful in encouraging me to work on this and clarifying my thinking on it. He is a Frasier fan and a very funny guy, so I'm glad to have his perspective.

My jokes will definitely improve with editing!

Day #22 - “Men of the Ivies”
From Frasier spinoff
By Phoebe Roberts

Well, at least we can hang our coats on him! So, anyway, I’ve been thinking about your situation, and I think I’ve got some ideas.

Do you, now?

The first step is writing a good solid letter of apology to the administration— accepting responsibility, apologizing, demonstrating that you’ll never do it again, that sort of thing. Convince them you’re still their kind of man!

Am I their kind of man?

Don’t get down on yourself! Did you know Yale only accepts 6.27 percent of its applicants? Of course, given the quality of Yale men, makes you wonder just who it is they’re rejecting. Uh— present company excepted!


And you are the child of a fairly important alumni— don’t discount that! It may not the be the worst idea to get Uncle Niles involved. He can make an impassioned plea, or a phone call… or a generous, generous donation. They have to take you back if there’s a building named after you!

Crawling back to Dad. I will definitely hear the end of that at some point in my life.

Good point. But it’s the Ivy League, David, it can open doors for the future.

Like it did for you?

Uh, well— I just mean, it marks you as the best of the best!

Even after pulling something like this?

Oh, their students have done way worse!

Thanks, Freddy, but I think I need to take a break from it for a bit, before I tell my folks and start killing myself to solve it. Can we just let it drop for a little while?

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