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Every time I see the cultural impact the film The Princess Bride has had, at least in the nerd community, I think of a kid I went to high school with. His name, if I remember correctly, was Jared Miller, and he said Princess Bride was his favorite movie. But most of the other kids didn't really know it, or at least didn't get it. They I think judged it mostly from the title, and thought it was either too girly or else a kiddie movie, so he always got a lot of shit for it. Nothing that intense, as I recall, but nobody understood why that would be the favorite movie of a teenaged boy. I remember respecting him because he didn't back down from his professed liking of the film just because other kids made fun of him for it.

It wasn't until I got to college that I met a lot of people who appreciated The Princess Bride. I always wondered if it was the same for him, and if he ever eventually met people who realized that he was ahead of that particular cultural curve. I didn't know Jared Miller that well. I don't remember much else about him. But I think of him sometimes because of that movie. And I hope that when he moved on in life, he encountered people who got it, and it validated him.


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