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Finally taking the plunge

I have started a new writing project recently. I'm not ready to say what it is yet. But it's one that I've been considering for a long time, not least because I've received some urging from other people to do it, but up to now I've been avoiding it. It wasn't EXACTLY what I wanted to do, it seemed like a huge investment of time and effort, and perhaps more than anything else, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do a good job with it. It's kind of out outside my wheelhouse, and I don't have nearly the experience or training for it. I know the only way to improve is to write garbage until the practice improves you, but this isn't a project I wanted to turn out bad. So like a coward, I've been avoiding it.

But in the last couple weeks, I've said screw it and dove in. I've had success in the past with just drafting to the point of being technically complete, and then worrying about making it not suck later, so I'm trying to make myself do it. I set a very low bar for daily progress goals, and it isn't much, but it's been effective in making me write SOMETHING almost every day. I'm not sure I don't hate what I've done-- but I'm making the attempt. We'll see how it goes, and if I'm likely to talk about it based on my progress.


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