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I have recently started learning to knit. This past weekend I attended a lovely craft swap party organized by twilighttremolo where I dropped off a bunch of crafting supplies I wasn't using and found a bunch of other people brought needles and yarn they no longer wanted. So I grabbed a couple of pairs of needles (one size nine pair and one small circular set) and a few balls of yarn. The yarn was mostly gray, I am amused to note, as I recently laughed over one Christmas where I received not one but three gray sweaters from various family members. What can I say, I like gray. Mom hated my gray phase in high school, so I guess this is my revenge.

Knitting is something I've always wanted to try. I like making things with my hands and it seemed relaxing. I figured since I could get the supplies for free in this I might as well finally do it. I taught myself some basic stuff from a couple of Youtube videos, and at this point I can cast on, do a garter stitch, and purl. I actually struggled a LOT initially, but in sticking with it I managed to pick it up okay. I've been practing whenever I have a minute, making rows upon rows of nothing in particular. At first I just did a million garter stitches, then once I learned the purl I did a few rows of that, and now I'm working on alternative between them one by one.

I'm really enjoying the physical act of it, though being me I have my typical reservations, like the fact that it's not the best use of my time, and I don't really like knitted things, so I don't know what I'll do with anything I make. But I've been having trouble doing anything I can't see "building to some point later," and it's made me lose a lot of time doing nothing just because I can't find the absolute best use of it, and I haven't been letting myself do things just because I might enjoy them. So maybe this will be good for me to have a thing I do simply because it makes me feel good. It's nice to learn a new practical skill, and another way to make things with my hands.


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