Phoebe (breakinglight11) wrote,

New gallery on -- Base Instruments, Act II from Arisia 2017

New gallery on!

Photography by Annushka Munch
Costume design by Jennifer Giorno
Makeup design by Jessicalee Skary
Set design by Bernie Gabin
Production design by Phoebe Roberts

BI Performance-85

"Base Instruments" Act II
by Annushka Munch

from "Base Instruments" at Arisia 2017

Featuring Cari Keebaugh, Circe Rowan, Jeremiah O'Sullivan, Arielle Kaplan, Eric Cheung, Sara Smith, Matthew Kamm, and Ava Maag.

Click here to view the gallery of images from the show!

Tags: base instruments, mrs. hawking,, photography

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