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All Eyes On Me

Do you know why heroes boast? Because it makes them brave.

10 April 1987
My name is Phoebe Roberts and welcome to my blog! This is partially a personal journal to record my life, partially a way for me to talk about things that might be of general interest, and partially a social media platform to connect with people and organize activities. I hope you find something that interests you to read here! Let me tell you a little about myself.

I attended Brandeis University from 2005 to 2009, where I earned my BA double majoring in English and Creative Writing. My primary association there was in Hold Thy Peace, the undergraduate Shakespearean theater troupe. I did my graduate work at Lesley University from 2011 to 2013, earning an MFA in Creative Writing for the Stage and Screen under the tutelage of Kate Snodgrass, Barry Brodsky, and Jami Brandli.

I am an emerging theater professional focused in writing, acting, directing, modeling, and costume design. I am experienced to varying degrees in nearly every aspect of creative and technical theater. I have two years of classical ballet training. Currently I am most closely associated with Zero Point Theater in Boston. I am available for collaborations, jobs, and commissions in those fields, and if you would be interested in hiring or engaging me, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to send along my resume, references, and/or rates.

I have had some success in bringing my theatrical works to production. My ten-minute plays have seen performance across the country. My full-length screenplay The Tailor at Loring's End (2012), a murder mystery set in Depression-era Connecticut, made it into the top ten percent of scripts in the 2013 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest. My most major full-length play is Mrs. Hawking (2012), about lady society avengers in Victorian London, which I plan to turn into a series and can be found on mrshawking.com. My pieces are available for production, so if you are interested in performing something of mine, please contact me right away.

I been a dedicated larper and larp writer since 2007. I'm the sole writer of the theater-style games Alice (2007), Oz (2009), The Stand (2011), and Break a Leg (2013), as well as co-writer of Paranoia: Research and Dismemberment (2009), The Labor Wars (2011), Resonance (2012), Agent Bobo of the Resistance (2013), Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council for the Eternal Funding of the Mad Arts and Sciences (2014), and Brockhurst (2014). I also served on the bid committee for Intercon since 2011, and was con chair of Larpercalia, the 2011 Brandeis Festival of the Larps.

I am an introvert in the extreme. While I enjoy socializing a great deal, especially being the one to plan and host it, I also need a large amount of alone time and reach a point of social burnout relatively quickly. Please do not see it as an indicator of my feelings about you if I need to excuse myself to go be alone to recharge. I enjoy new readers, but I make friends extremely slowly, and it takes me some time to feel a level of comfort and intimacy with a person.

I am straight, cissexual, monogamous woman in a committed relationship. My boyfriend Bernie is a physicist, geek, and the partner of my endeavors, and we have been together since May of 2013, though he's been a close friend and part of my life since 2007.

I am an ardent feminist. I subscribe to Critical Bias Theory, which posits that bias of all kinds (race, gender, et cetera) has seeped into our culture on an institutional level regardless of the viewpoints of the individual. I believe in the presence of the patriarchy and rape culture, I support all forms of gender and sexual expression, and that feminism should benefit men as well as women and the gender-variant. Please understand that I will always talk and argue from this standpoint.

I consider myself a practicing Roman Catholic, though it tends to be a fairly private part of me. While I do largely believe in it and accept it as my own, I am critical of it in the extreme, and am comfortable with choosing the pieces of it that are meaningful to me and disregarding the parts that are not.

I am chronically overcommitted. Apologies if it makes me difficult to schedule with.