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Woolly beast

I am cold and stressed. I wish I had this sheep to cuddle with.



Cute yard rock dragon

Look what I saw out the window of my car yesterday as I was on the way to call for Sherlock Holmes.

Not something I'd put in my own yard, but I must say it brought a smile to my face as I was driving by.


Piglet baby

I am now obsessed with this picture.

Look at that snoot.

It is now my Twitter avatar and the background on my phone.

Piglet baby. <3

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One of my coworkers apparently brought his baby to work and I overheard him discussing it in such a manner as at first I thought he was talking about having recently adopted a small animal rather than having had a new child.

I do like the happy-baby sounds, though. :-)



My mom linked me to this live webcast, where you can watch a nest of eaglets. There are three little eaglets, each visibly a little older than the last, fluff around in their nest, getting fed by their mommy and daddy eagle and generally being cute little puffy-babies.

I like the eaglies. :-)



 For my internship, our next little video is going to be a parody of The Dark Knight. And who gets the honor of doing a Ledger-riffic rendition of the Joker? Ah, yeah, that's right. Jared is in the process of coaching me on my voice. It's not much at the moment, but we're working on it. I relish the acting challenge of trying to get down that voice and those mannerisms. Jared has a real talent for voices, so he can toss off a half-decent impression like it's nothing, but I have to work a little harder. I've got two weeks to practice, so I better make them count.

Speaking of acting, it looks at if there will indeed be a show for Hold Thy Peace this semester. The lovely Miss Frances Kimpel is going to be directing King Lear, and I am quite excited and intrigued. I shall be manning the Hold Thy Peace table at the activities fair this coming Sunday, and I encourage as many people as possible to audition. I plan on acting in it myself. Jared will either be acting or doing something on the production end of things, though I personally think that he would be of most assistance sharing his talent as an actor. I'd gladly take on any role, but I think being Edmund the Bastard might be fun. I've always been fond of that character. We'll see.

On an unrelated note-- one probably only Brandeisians, and a handful of them at that, will get --I love the way Ramie Targoff, the Shakespeare teacher, dresses. She's like the English professor equivalent of Lilith Sternin. She's cute in an impeccable, rigid sort of way.

Ducky and Spycraft

 Tonight was the Borg auction. I bought a little stuffed duck. He's a very cute little mallard. I need to name him; I can't just keep calling him Ducky.

Bernie has asked me about possibly writing a Spycraft mod. I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but maybe I'll give it a shot. I may have an inkling of an idea.

His Holiness

He's cute. I want one. I would call him His Holiness. You know why?

'Cause he would be my dolly llama.



I watched one of my old favorite movies, Babe, today. I'd forgotten just how good it was. There is an indefinable loftiness and sweetness to it that just warmed my heart, but it's more than just a sweet little film. It's smart, it's well-written, has a strong story, great characters, is filled with those lovely little touches for which I live, and a great cast.

There were little moments that are so simply beautiful that I couldn't help but tear up a little. But there was one moment that just broke me up. It was when the farmer was trying to get Babe to drink from a bottle, but Babe won't. So you know what he does? He starts singing to the little pig. He sings the loveliest little song you can imagine in this soft, sweet voice. "If I had words to make a day for you, I'd sing you a morning, golden and new. I would make this day last for all time, and fill the night deep in moonshine." And then he dances a jig! It was so sweet and beautiful that I couldn't handle it. What a lovely moment. I'll be singing that song for a long time.

And in the cast department, I got a lovely surprise. Since it involves animals, there is a great deal of voice acting in it. I've developed a rather impressive talent, if I may say so myself, for the identification of voices. It is a very rare occasion that I can't figure out who the actor is from voice alone, without looking at the credits. You see, I found myself quite enjoying the character of Rex, the handsome sheepdog that carries with him a half-buried brooding anger. That particular character trait never fails to fascinate me-- I have most recently dealt with it in the character of Bucephalus, whom I mentioned earlier. In addition to finding the character most interesting, Rex had the greatest voice; stern, deep, rough, rich, with a sort of rumbling, growling undertone. I have a definite weak spot for speakers with that undertone. Upon hearing it now, I realized to whom this most delightful voice belonged to-- my newest love, the king of Rivendell himself, Hugo Weaving! What a lovely surprise! That voice is just wonderful, and perfect for conveying a stern fellow bearing an old anger. Just one more reason to love my Elrond.  Babe rocks.

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